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Knights, Princesses and Castles, Oh My! - Poppins Book Nook March

So earlier this month I told you all about the Poppins Book Nook blog series we are joining. Do you remember reading my post about 10 Princesses Who Have Made Their Mark In History? Well this month's theme was Knights, Princesses and Castles. We have been having lots of fun learning about these three topics. Below you will find the books we have been using, videos we have been watching, resources we have used and crafts we have made. We are still working our way through the unit study because we sort of got behind due to a 5 day trip we took this month.

Rather than choosing 1 book to focus on we did a unit study on Knights, Princesses and Castles. Here are all the books we have been utilizing. The kids favorites have been the Magic Tree House books! We also read this book "When Knights Were Bold" by Heritage History.

I also got out the castle books that I bought in 1999 when I visited England and Ireland. The kids thought these were really cool as well especially since it was something I actually bought in the countries.

Building a giant castle was probably the kids most favorite craft project. I gave the kids a bunch of cardboard, markers, recyclables and a book and told them to build a castle. They had a blast dressing up and playing pretend with their creation.

We also built a catapult. I gave the kids a cardboard egg carton, some craft sticks, rubber bands and markers and this is what we came up with. Yes it really does work. The kids have had fun launching marbles with it.

Here are the resources we have used to go along with our unit study.

-A Journey Through Learning Knights and Castles Lapbook - we are still working our way through this lapbook and since we are reviewing it for the TOS Crew I cannot share too much about it...but keep an eye out for our review which will be posted soon.

-Magic Tree House - teachers guide, crossword and wordsearch
-Enchanted Homeschooling Mom Knight Unit Study
-Homeschool Share Princess Unit Study
-Castles of the World website
-History Scribe Medieval Times
-Magic Tree House Knight At Dawn lapbook

YouTube Videos:
I am big fan of YouTube. We have been watching great castle, knight and princess videos on YouTube. When you cannot physically make a trip to visit a castle a virtual trip is the next best thing!

Medieval YouTube Channel:

Princess YouTube Channel:

*Disclaimer - Many of the links found on my side bars and in my blog posts are affiliate links. As a result, I might get paid money and I will most likely spend the money on homeschool supplies and field trips.

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Piwi Mama said...

Wow you must have all learn't so much! Looking forward to you lap book review! JJ

Erin@The Usual Mayhem said...

That sounds like a great unit study! I love the book selections, and my kids were leaning over my shoulder looking at your post to ask if we can find the book on dungeons & torture - boys!

Ashley Moore said...

You went all out! I hope you had a great time learning about castles and knights!

Play Create Explore said...

Wow, so many books! I LOVE that catapult!

Jill said...

That catapult is so cool! My kids would love that! So many fun learning ideas. Thank you for sharing my Knight Unit!

ticiaM said...

My kids would love the catapult and making their castle too.

Karyn said...

Such a fun list of resources!

Reshama Deshmukh said...

I like the idea of taking a group of books on the same subject. I havent done that yet, but must try this. Cool activities on the Knights and Castles theme!

Laura Frost said...

I love how you used lots of free Internet resources! So many times I see lessons and realize I could never do something like that because of the cost. I can't wait to try some of these ideas!

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