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Review Dolphy Personalized Educational Games

Have you heard of Dolphy educational, personalized games? Dolphy products are the ONLY educational products which speak to your child using their name. There is a toddler and children's version.

A moms review:
We reviewed the Children's Game's version which is suited for children ages 4-10. My son who is 5 years old was the primary reviewer and he LOVED it. He was tickled that it said his name each time he entered into the program.

There are 9 great games including educational, critical thinking and just plain fun. Each game has various levels as well (easy, medium and hard) so it is a program that will grow with your child.  Throughout the games children will learn various skills like introduction to letters, number recognition, math facts, reading and writing, memory development, problem solving, typing and more.


The coolest thing about the Dolphy educational games is that the program speaks your child's name and provides encouraging words of praise and comfort as well as guidance. For example "Well Done Rowyn!" or "Try Again Rowyn" The clarity of the spoken name is FABULOUS. I was very worried it wouldn't be since my sons name is not a very common one...but even if your child has an unusual name don't worry you can still order the program and they will make sure it is pronounced correctly.

I liked that Dolphy is an actual software program which can be installed directly on the PC and doesn't require internet access to play it. This made it easy for me to install on multiple computers and it didn't matter if they couldn't connect to the internet the kids were still able to access the program and have fun learning...umm I mean playing.

Here are the 9 games that are included:

Animal WordsEnhances reading & writing skills at different levels.
Tic Tac ToeIncludes 3 levels – Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced. 
Animal Letters
Learning to recognize letters and write them. 

Numbers Puzzle
Enriches your child's logic skills.
Animal MathTakes your child from digit recognition through 6th grade math exercises.The Word GameDevelops your child's vocabulary and logic skills.
Memory GameIncludes 2 levels and 4 fun categories.
Spelling BeeTeaches Reading & Writing with great animation and graphics.
CheckersIncludes 3 levels – Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced.

Rowyn has attempted to play every game. His favorite was the Animal Letters and Animal Math. Each time the question is answered correctly a piece of the picture puzzle appears. Rowyn got really excited when he answered all the questions correctly and got to see the revealed picture. I liked that the majority of the games incorporate the keyboard so children are not only learning numbers, letters, etc but they are also learning valuable computer skills which are preparing them for learning to type.

He did struggle with a few of the games (which are geared towards children who are reading) but if he got frustrated he would just navigate back to the main menu and choose something else. The navigation (exit and start) is literally so easy a 5 yr old can do it.

One of the critical thinking games he enjoyed the most was checkers. He had never played before and I was helping his sister with something when he decided to try it. After a couple failed attempts he finally figured out how to play the game and then was addicted. The game uses arrows as guides to show children which ways they can move the particular piece they clicked on, so it is a great way for children to learn how to play checkers independently.

I used this program as a supplement to our current homeschool curriculum. It was a great educational activity to put the kids on for downtime or when they uttered those words every mom hears especially in the winter months "mom I'm bored." And you won't feel guilty about putting them on Dolphy because they will still be learning...shhhh don't tell them.

You can also learn more about Dolphy by watching this YouTube video.

Rowyns review (5 yrs old):
I like that it says my name. It is a nice game. I like checkers and numbers and letters most. I like the pictures and colors.

Links to follow:
-Dolphy Website
-Dolphy Facebook
-Dolphy Twitter

Where to buy:
Right now (for the next 6 days) my readers can get the Toddler and Children's Dolphy Game on sale for only $9.99 (regularly $14.99), which is a fabulous value for these fun, educational, personalized games. There is even a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. These would make a great stocking stuffer for the upcoming holidays!

*Disclaimer - I received the a copy of Dolphy for both kids in return for this review for free in return for my honest review. Please note that prices indicated in the post are subject to change. I was not compensated for my review and all  opinions are our own! Many of the links found on my side bars and in my blog posts are affiliate links. As a result, I might get paid money and I will most likely spend the money on homeschool supplies.

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Angela Richardson said...

As a Homeschooling mom who's been using the Dolphy Games Package for half a year now, I can clearly say that this is the best game for Homeschooled children I have ever seen.

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