Sunday, November 4, 2012

Homeschool Blog Awards

Homeschool Blog Awards Nominee Button

This year I was nominated for 2 categories in The Homeschool Post Blog Awards. I am so honored and would love it if you voted for me. I don't think I will win as I am up against some big time bloggers but it's worth a shot right?

Blog Awards:
Best Homeschool Variety Blog - Yup totally explains me, "this type of blogger is the ADD hyper-focused type"
Best Nitty Gritty Homeschool Blog - Ha, Ha, Ha, "BLOW YOU AWAY with their enthusiasm" ummm yeah we definitely have our bad days and there are NO "SUPER-HOMESCHOOLER’s" here. But thanks for thinking there is.

There are 20 award categories in all so take some time to browse through the other GREAT bloggers and vote.

You can vote once per day, per device from now through November 16th. Just select the bubble and click vote at the bottom of the page. Click on the blog title to view the blog nominee.

Thanks for nominating me!!!

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