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FreeBee Fridays - Free Kindle and Audio Books

Jen, from Gricefully Homeschoolingand I team up, every Friday, to bring you a list of freebees...on both of our blogs.

PLUS...with the added bonus of this being a weekly link up...where you can showcase your freebies, things you've found online, and also, things you've received in the mail, totally FREE in the last week...or so. 


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Internet FreeBEEs:

Over the last few months we started utilizing Kindle eBooks and Audio Books a lot more. Now don't get me wrong I still love "real" know the ones with actual covers and pages you can turn. I love the smell of books both new and old. I love the way books look on a bookcase...its much more appealing to kids and they are more likely to pick one up on a whim to read or look at. But there are some great FREE eBooks and Audio Books available so we use them too and I load up anytime I see some good ones for FREE.

Now we do not own a Kindle...we did win one but I sold it so we could buy a tablet for the kids which had more capabilities including a Kindle App. So we read our eBooks either on the tablet, computer or my cell phone. So if you don't own an Kindle don't worry there are loads of FREE ways to still read the eBooks via the available Kindle Apps. So this week I am sharing places you can get eBooks and Audio books for FREE! Some of these links are going to be PDF format books which can easily be read your Kindle or just read on your computer, tablet or phone. Same goes for Audio Books. Most of these can be downloaded as MP3, Audible or iTune files.


FREE eBooks:
-Amazon Kindle - limited time offers most are FREE
-Free Homeschool Deals - Jamerrill rounds up some great Free books each week
-Heritage History - offers FREE eBooks you can read directly off their website. You can also sign up for their email list and receive 1 FREE eBook each month to download
-DigiLibraries - thousand of FREE eBooks and very easy to search
-Free Books Hub
-Book Lending - this website matches borrowers and lenders
-One Hundred Free Books - updated throughout the day each day they should change their name to hundreds of FREE books
-Many Books - great selection lots of oldy but goodies
-Pixel of Ink - each day they list FREE Kindle books available
-Open Library
-Hundred Zeros - updated catalog of FREE best-sellers on Amazon
-Free Booksy
-eReader IQ
-Project Gutenberg - over 40,000 eBooks and also Audio Books

-If you have an Amazon Prime membership remember you can borrow Kindle eBooks as part of your membership
-Check with your local library many times you can borrow FREE Kindle eBooks by using your library card

Tip: Make sure you grab FREE Kindle eBooks as soon as you see them because prices often change and it's difficult to tell how long the book will remain FREE. When downloading a FREE Kindle book on Amazon verify that the book is still FREE by making sure the price is $0.00. If it lists a price or says "read for free" or has a price for prime members the book is NOT FREE anymore.

FREE audio books:
-Open Culture - 450 Free Audio Books - like Aesops Fables, Wizard of Oz, etc
-Books Should Be Free - eBooks and Audio books for some great classics
-Get LibriVox for your computer or phone then browse all the FREE Audio Books available
-Free Classic Audio Books
-Learn Out Loud Kids
-Storynory - lots of great kids books
-Audio Books For Free - 15 pages of Audio Books for kids

I hope you find these resources useful. If you ever have any questions feel free to leave me a comment or email me. Also be sure to follow my FB page where I post FreeBEEs daily.

Remember when it comes to FREE resources the internet and a good search engine are your best friend.

*Disclaimer - Many of the links found on my side bars and in my blog posts are affiliate links. Please note that prices indicated in the post are subject to change. As a result, I might get paid money and I will most likely spend the money on homeschool supplies.

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MomsMustardSeeds said...

Kathy, Thank you for this! I have been wanting to sit down forever and find these resources...and just have not been able to! Thank you!

Kathy Balman said...

No problem I love gathering FREE resources in one place for fellow homeschoolers!

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