Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wyning Academy 2012-2013

Make sure you check out my blog each Monday in August I will be participating again in the Not Back to School Blog Hop.

This week is Student Photo Week at the Not Back to School Blog Hop.

WELCOME to Wyning Academy (pronounced winning). Last year I explained where our homeschool name comes from and details about our logo (below) click here to read that post.

This is our 2nd year homeschooling. We now have a very proud 1st grader and Kindergartner. We are looking forward to a FUN year full of learning, creating and exploring.

The Students:

The Teacher and the Students:

Is my sweet, compassionate daughter who amazes me every day. She loves to help others, take care of her brother and give LOTS of hugs. She can be very sensitive and clingy. She enjoys animals, drawing, dancing and singing.

Is my ruff, tuff son who makes me laugh every day. He is always dishing out sweet compliments and gives the best kisses. He keeps me on my toes and can be very stubborn at times. He loves taking things apart to see how they work, building with blocks, playing with marbles and playing games on mommy's phone.

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