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FreeBEE Fridays - Art and Music Resources

Jen, from Gricefully Homeschoolingand I team up, every Friday, to bring you a list of freebees...on both of our blogs.

PLUS...with the added bonus of this being a weekly link up...where you can showcase your freebies, things you've found online, and also, things you've received in the mail, totally FREE in the last week...or so. 


Homeschool FreeBEE Fridays
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Internet FreeBEEs:

Two subjects we are adding more of this year in our homeschool is Art and Music. YES these are still subjects!!!! And very important ones. My kids love to dance, sing, draw and that makes me very happy.



-Drawing With Children - Nature journal style with printable lesson plans  
-Art Junction - Art lessons and resources
-Confessions of a Homeschooler - Worlds Greatest Artists unit study
-ArtsEdge - Music and art lessons
-Core Knowledge - Art and music lesson plans
-See The Light - Art lesson videos
-Dick Blick - Art lessons
-Metropolitan Museum of Art - Timeline of art history
-Jan Bretts - How to draw videos
-Deep Space Sparkle - Fantastic art lessons by subject and grade
-Great idea for tracing outlines of famous paintings
-DragoArt - Click on the Tuts 123 link to view lessons

-Fortissimo - Music dictionary, composers and instruments 
-Learn how to play the piano - YouTube video lessons!
-Classics for Kids - Musical periods
-Capistrono Elementary School - The Music Room
-Homegrown Learners (a blogging friend) - Several music printables 
-Making Music Fun - Lots of awesome resources
-Living Life Intentionally - Kid Learn Music lapbook
-DSO Kids - Lots of great resources about orchestras
-Piano Nanny - Piano lessons
-Daria Music - There is so much on this website including monthly song page, videosartsy projects and more. Make sure you take a look around there are lots of great Free things.
-Another link from my friend over at Homegrown Learners - She just posted the Ultimate Guide to to Compser Study

Kindle E-Books:
-A Popular History of Art and Music From Earliest Times to Present
-Among the Great Masters of Music Scenes in the Lives of Famous Musicians
-Pictures Every Child Should Know A Selection of the World's Art Masterpieces for Young People

Android Apps:

-Daily Artwork
-Van Gogh Gallery
-Sketchbook Mobile
-Rainbow Draw
-iJangle Guitar
-Little Piano

I hope you find these resources useful. If you ever have any questions feel free to leave me a comment or email me. Also be sure to follow my FB page where I post FreeBEEs daily.

Remember when it comes to FREE resources the internet and a good search engine are your best friend.

*Disclaimer - Many of the links found on my side bars and in my blog posts are affiliate links. Please note that prices indicated in the post are subject to change. As a result, I might get paid money and I will most likely spend the money on homeschool supplies.

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