Monday, June 4, 2012

How does your homeschool garden grow? Or in our case not grow!

We are not having much luck with our homeschool garden. Mostly due to the large amounts of rain we have been getting for once here in GA. Many of our containers have gotten flooded killing our plants. I definitely cannot wait until we have a backyard again where we can try our hand at a real garden.

Sunflowers: Well they started to grown and then they got flooded.

So sad our empty containers.

 Well we had some sprouts in our new container and then it got flooded too.

Black Eyed Susans and Cosmos: These are really sprouting and getting very tall but there are not flowers on them yet.

Cosmos and Sunflowers: We replanted Gwyns flowers from her princess garden and some are doing okay. The sunflower got damaged (probably from wind) and died. It was about  5 inches tall though.

Carrots: We replanted our carrots from their starters into a larger container and they seem to be doing well.

Our bean growing experiment was lots of fun. After they grew a bit the kids had fun dissecting them. The instructions are here if you want to give it a try. 


We also tried out another experiment and made sub irrigated planters. We planted suflowers and they were working very well until I stuck them out to get some sun and well they too got too much rain. If you want to give this a try here is the link to the directions.

We have been having some fun watching the two spiders on the balcony as well as some mosquito larva that decided to hatch in one of our flooded buckets.

Link up & share your progress! Are they taller than your kids? What have you harvested? Have any good recipes come from this year’s garden? Show and tell!


Mary said...

So, here's the irony... I have a big backyard and this year we are just container gardening on the deck to keep it simple.   I did a big garden last year and worked and worked and just don't have it in me this year!    I love what your kids are doing and they are going to remember this -- yard or not!

Fullcirclegardener said...

It is so sad to loose plants to flooded pots! :(  Check if they have a drain hole on the bottom, if not see if you can add one.  Seems like it should be early enough in the year that you could replant some of them... :}

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