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The Story of Ruth Book Book Review

I would like to share another amazing book that I picked up at the Teach Them Diligently Conference in March. Tucked away at the very back of the vendor hall was a family run booth called "The Freedom Girls." There were brochures and books on their table just like every other booth in the vendor hall but what caught my eye was the absolutely adorable 18" dark skinned doll with dark brown hair and eyes standing on the table. She was wearing a tan & purple striped robe with handkerchief on her head and sandals on her feet (she reminded me a lot of an American Girl doll).

I had never heard of The Freedom Girls and was very intrigued. After talking with the father and author Dan Liberto I was very excited to share this book with my daughter. Dan graciously provide us with a review copy of their book, The Story of Ruth Through a Child's Eyes. I would like to point out that the Liberto's are a homeschool family as well.

A moms review:
In the past I have mentioned how we are Christians but don't attend Church or read the Bible daily. But we do use Biblical curriculum, pray and read devotionals and Bible stories. We also teach the kids about how important virtues are. Well throughout this wonderful book we were exposed to wonderful scripture, a Bible story and learned important lessons on sharing, loving, fighting, loyalty, patience, integrity, anger and more. Isn't that awesome? This book covers so much and is a perfect additional to your family library.

I read this book to my 6 yr old daughter Gwyn before bedtime for several nights. As I read the book I had to pause MANY times because she was filled with questions (which is one reason it took us so long to get through it). I was amazed at how pertinent and deep her questions were. This turned out to be more than just a story to share with my daughter it was a way for us to connect and truly understand a part of the Bible together. I also learned that this is one of my husbands favorite Bible stories which I never knew.

I really enjoyed the way the story was written. It was a story within a story which I thought may confuse younger children but I was wrong and Gwyn totally understood what was going on in the book. On each page there is a grey box that quotes the actual scripture. And after each of the 4 chapters there are several great discussion questions as well as a spot for children to either write or draw how the story relates to their life. This would be a wonderful book for a childrens bible study program.

This will definitely be a book we read over again and again. And I cannot wait to see what other books they come out with (yes there are plans for more and maybe even some geared more towards boys).

The book tells a story about a little eight year old girl named Ruth. Ruth is a typical little girl who fights with her siblings, struggles with homework and friends and sometimes disobeys her parents. But when she and her little brother have a serious squabble her mother takes her aside to introduce her to another girl named Ruth. Ruth is full of questions about the Biblical Ruth and her mother-in-law. Like, "Where did they go for help?" And, "Who protected them?" But Ruth's biggest question is, "What's this got to do with me today?"

The Story of Ruth Through a Child's Eyes ties God's faithfulness to two women who were not forgotten by God to a modern-day girl who is struggling with God's provision in her own life. Through this book children will come to realize that the women of the Bible may have dressed and eaten differently but they had many of the same problems we do today.

Gwyns review (6 yrs old):
I like the pictures in the book. I learned not to be mean to my brother and to share. I would like to read the book again.

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Where to buy:
You can purchase the Ruth Doll and book here (for $94.99) or just the book here (for $12.99).

*Disclaimer -  I received a review copy of The Story of Ruth. I was not compensated for my review and all opinions are our own! Many of the links found on my side bars and in my blog posts are affiliate links. As a result, I might get paid money and I will most likely spend the money on homeschool supplies.

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Rebecca said...

GREAT Review....and this book is truly amazing!  It is one of our all time favorites, now!

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