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We Choose Virtues Review

We had the the opportunity to review the We Choose Virtues Faith Based Parenting Cards and 100 Days of Virtue Poster. I love both products and so do the kids. Last Fall I became a stay at home mom and started homeschooling my then 4 and 5 yr old. I realized they were severely lacking virtues. They were being uncontent, disobedient and fighting with each other. Now these products haven't cured all the problems but they have definitely been helping. I have also been reading them books from the library on each of the virtues as well to help reinforce them.

Here are descriptions of each of the products and how they have been helping in our homeschool.

Faith Based Parenting Cards: 
This set of cards includes 12 virtues that go along great with the 100 Days of Virtue Poster. The virtues that are on both the cards and poster: I am Gentle, I am Kind, I am Honest, I am Helpful, I am Forgiving, I am Content, I am Diligent, I am Attentive, I am Self-Controlled, I am Perseverant, I am Patient, and I am Obedient. The cards are done in full bright color and are 8 1/2 x 5 1/2. I love the large size because they are less likely to get lost like small flash cards. There is also a set available without the scriptures.

The front: They each feature virtue in big bold letter, "I am Obedient" and one of the adorable "Virtue Kids" on the front. I love that they use kids multi ethnic children too. There is also a memory verse (NIrV), catchphrase and antonym that go along with each virtue. For example my favorite one Obedient says, "Ok, what every you say I will obey right away. I am NOT...argumentative unwilling or slow and I don't refuse to do what I'm told!" And uses Psalm 119:34 as the verse, "Help me understand your law. Then I will follow it and obey it with all my heart."  I love how each is so simple and easy for kids to memorize. We are still working on being obedient that is probably the hardest one (at least in our house).

The back: Each card is broken into 5 sections. There is an inspiring story from "The Kids of VirtueVille." I read this first to introduce my kids to the Virtue Kid and help them better understand the virtue we were discussing. I also love that there is a discussion question after each story. Then you can introduce the kids to the "Virtue User Challenge." This gives a chance to implement the virtue being taught. After the challenge is another little section which states the virtue again and provides a little reinforcement and food for thought.  And everyone must know how to apologize when they do something wrong and that is exactly what the "What to say after "I'm sorry" section does.  And lastly there is a section called "Teachable moments for Gentle families…”. This section gives families ideas on how to take the discussion further and build upon the lesson through different activities.

It only takes about 10-15 a day to teach a virtue and the kids really do pick up on them quickly. So if you keep on reinforcing them every day they will eventually become virtuous children.

I have a quick story to tell. Right after starting our virtue learning a close friend became ill and had to be admitted to the hospital for surgery. She is a single homeshcooling mom and needed help with her children. The day before we learned about being helpful and compassionate. I stepped up and offered to take care of her children while she recovered. We ended up having her kids for a little over a week. It was a great life lesson for my kids about helping out and being compassionate when someone is in need.

These parenting cards are $34.99.

100 Days of Virtues Chart:
This bright colorful poster has all 12 virtues listed on the left. And to the right are circles with caterpillars. At the bottom is a goal that the kids are striving for. It comes with 108 butterfly stickers which you place over the caterpillars when the kids are exhibiting good virtues. This chart will help to motivate your family to improve their character! We placed our is the school room and the kids decided they wanted their goal to be an ice cream outing to Brusters. It has been fun hearing the kids say mommy can we get a butterfly we were being patient, honest, kind, etc. There is also a Teaching Tip card that came with the chart that has: Fun Demonstrations, The Icons of VirtueVille, scriptures and more. I love how the card describes the Caterpillar: "I don't have to stay the way I am! I am born to change, and change I will!" And the Butterfly: "I will choose to use virtue, and become strong and beautiful on the inside.!"

This is our poster with some butterfly's.

This 100 days of virtue chart is $11.99 for the old version and $13.99 for the newer version. The only difference is the paper quality.

Right now many of the WCV products are on sale and there is also a CLEARANCE section on their website! March is Homeschool Appreciation month at We Choose Virtues! Receive and you can receive 25% off of your purchase of the Homeschool Kit by entering promo code: HOMESCHOOL25. There is also a code for free shipping: SHIPFREE and also one for 15% off  your cart: VIRTUE15There is only one code per order.

-We Choose Virtues on Facebook and/or Twitter. They occasionally do giveaways which you won't want to miss. Tell them I sent you if you are not already a fan of their social media pages.
-On the We Choose Virtues product page there are several FREE resources you need to check out as well. There is an assessment, memory verses and more.

    If you want to instill these virtues in your children I recommend purchasing any of the We Choose Virtues productsVisit WCV today!

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