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Seussy Saturday Link Up Week 1

Welcome to the Seussy Saturday Link Up. I was hoping to get this up earlier but we were out having a Seusserific day. As you may know we are going crazy with Dr. Seuss this monh for our homeschool unit. We will be reading EVERY single one of his books and doing worksheets,  lapbooks, crafts, fun food and more. I know there are a bunch of link ups going on for Dr. Seuss but this one will be a little different because it will last all month. So if you are having a Seusstactular time with Dr. Seuss this month be sure to link up.

Below is the button if you want to join in the fun. Just link up a post that has to do with Dr. Seuss. And I would love it if you put the button either in the post or on your sidebar if your participating.


So here is what we were up to yesterday and today. The rest of our week can be found here.

Last night we went to Barnes and Nobles. They were actually having a school fundraiser but the event is open to the public. There were school groups signing parts of the Seussical, A Cat in the Hat reading books, face painting, hair wrapping and more. The kids had lots of fun. We also got some funny looks because we were hanging out at a public school fundraiser event in our new homeschool t-shirts that I designed for our homeschool group "The North GA Homeschoolers." But I didn't know it was a public school fundraiser event until we got there and it was an event open to the public so I kind of got a kick out of the funny looks and whispers. Its the first time I really ever experienced that before. On the way there we were stuck in traffic due to an accident so I had Gwyn think of a rhyme. She picked the topic, what she wanted to convey and the rhyming words and I helped put it together. Here it is:
Flowers are pretty.
Just like my kitty.
Flowers smell good.
I wish that I could.
Tell people to keep them in the ground.
So that they may be found.
And looked at.
By me and my cat.
By: Gwyn B.
Cat in the Hat reading.

Rowyn getting his face painted.
My little Tiger.
My ferocious pretty Tiger.

Then today we went to see the Art of Dr. Seuss at a local art gallery called Anne Jackson Gallery. They had encouraged people to come dressed up so of course we couldn't resist. I whipped up these costumes a few hours before the event using stuff we had on hand.

The Lorax, Horton, The Cat in the Hat
Aren't they adorable?
They had ham, green deviled eggs, Dr. Seuss cakes and more yummy finger foods.
Some of the art work.  Everything in the gallery is a  reproduction but copied  from his originals which are held by his wife in a vault.  Every so often an original is released for reproduction and they make a certain number of the print to sell.
The kids eating a little table.
Look who showed up the Grinch.
Love this piece it was around $2,100.
Unorthodox Taxidermy collection.
My absolute favorite piece, A Plethora of Fish.
Gwyn liked this one.

When we got home we had an awesome package waiting. I will share that later with everyone this week. But inside the box was lots of bubble wrap. So I read the kids "Hop on Pop" and they well hopped on pop.

Gwyns Oncel-er pictures, age 6.

Before we watched The Lorax movie this was the one she drew. In the book you never see him just his eyes and arms. His eyes she said look mean and he is mean for cutting down the trees.
But after watching The Lorax this is what she drew. He kind of looks like a leprechaun. And she changed her mind and said he's nice because he realizes what he did was wrong and wants to fix what he did.
Checking off the books we read on our chart. Here is a link to the book list, mini biography I put together.
And we won this from the gallery for dressing up. Our picture will also be in the Roswell Patch.

Here are some websites with FreeBEEs to help you with your Dr. Seuss learning:

-Dr. Seuss craft ideas
-Dr. Seuss Birthday Blog Hop - make sure you check out all 8 of the blogs participating for some good ideas
-Make sure you watch Tim Tebow reading Green Eggs and Ham it will be up until the end of the month
-9 Things You May Not Know about Dr. Seuss
-Some Dr. Seuss facts
-Printable Favorite Dr. Seuss Book
-Lesson plan ideas for just about every book
-PDF document with lots of Dr. Seuss lesson ideas
-Cat in the Hat playdough mats
-Horton Hatches and Egg unit study

There are so many great resources for Dr. Seuss on the web. We are not planning to use all the ones I shared but I wanted to pass these along. I will have more next week.

YouTube Channel for March:

Pinterest Board for Dr. Seuss I also have one March - I would love it if you follow me:

Link Up:

And I couldn't let Gwyn have all the fun so here is my homeschool rhyme:

I like to homeschool yes I do!
Do you like to homeschool too?
I like to homeschool here and there I like to homeschool everywhere.
In the house, in car, it doesn't matter where we are.
We can learn near and far.
I do so like to homeschool yes I do.
I hope that you are joining too!

Thanks for stopping by and linking up I hope to see you next week. Have a Seussuper week.

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Adena (aka cre82learn) said...

You have the most amazing ideas. I had bigger plans but ended up getting called in for work and didn't get to do as much. Next time I will plan for a week of activities instead of just one day!

Rebecca said...

Kathy, what a great day! I'm sorry we didn't celebrate Seuss the way you did...well, at all. With family in town and an unexpected trip to see Rick Santorum...Seuss...well, we've been reading, but 'doing' things is another topic! I can't tell you how awesome it is to see how you're getting the kids out and that you're able to do that now! I have been praying for you and your family and am blessed by all of these fabulous ideas you have!!!!!

Mary said...

Wow!! Incredible stuff! I didn't even check to see if our library had Dr. Suess stuff going on - shoot!

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

thanks for letting me know about your linky. Would LOVE for you to come share your Seuss fun on mine -

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