Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Going crazy with Dr Seuss

So we officially started our homeschool unit on Dr. Seuss and we are having blast. The plan is to read all of the books, yes ALL of them. I think the library may officially hate me because I had to get many of the books transferred in from other libraries in our system. Even though we started our actual unit this week there were lots of fun events over the last couple of weeks that we had fun participating in which really helped get the kids excited for our Dr Seuss unit. So without further ado here is what we have been up too.

It all started with the mall event. There were stories, characters, crafts and even a parade. And the kids got lots of goodies. Rowyn even won a book, "And To Think That I saw it on Mulberry Street."

Then we got to eat lunch Horton at the Ringling Bros & Barnum and Bailey Pachyderm Picnic. Okay it wasn't really Horton but it certainly goes well with the "Horton Hears a Who" book.

Then we went to Whole Foods which was offering a fun story time. The kids also had some fun amazing snacks. We also got free screening passes for The Lorax which we will be seeing Thursday.

Then we had all sorts of  Seussy fun at Target and Lakeshore learning. Target was offering their annual Read Across America event. They read stories and gave the kids each a great little reusable shopping bag filled with goodies. Lakeshore Learning also had story time and 3 craft stations.

And here is what we have been doing this week.....

We started getting ALL of the Dr. Seuss books gathered for our month of Seusstacular fun.

I will be sure to take another photo once we get them all. About half of these are ours the others are from the library.

We are starting with The Lorax. So we first planted some Strawberry and Tomato seeds in some little containers just to get them started. Of course we are working in the kitchen because its so much easier to clean up dirty projects off the kitchen floor.

Patiently waiting for them to grow.

We made our very own Truffula Tree Forest.

Layer about 10-12 pieces of tissue paper then fold in half.
Cut a big zigzagged or scalloped edge.
Bunch in the middle and wrap a pipe cleaner around the center.
Carefully pull up the tissue paper to the center to fluff.
Makes several and hang from the ceiling with fishing line and tada you have your very own forest.

The kids helped make their Lorax breakfast. Nothing super fancy just pancakes with orange food coloring and orange sprinkles, oranges and orange julius.

For lunch I made these cut Lorax sandwiches and some orange yogurt. I have a feeling food coloring is going to be very handy for the next month. And for a snack I made some Truffula Trees. After lunch Gwyn helped me make some orange jello which they had after dinner.

Pretzel sticks topped with peanut butter. Then I puts bits of apples onto the peanut butter and added some sprinkles.
Then we made some very cool tshirts, started our Lorax/Dr. Seuss worksheets and finished our Dr. Seuss book board.

Here is the printable I created with has all the books listed in order with pictures as well as a mini biography and favorite quotes.

Chattahoochee Nature center has a Truffula Forest through March 11th in the Nature Exchange. They have some fun activities for the kids to do like coloring pages, speak for the trees pledge, Thneeds to try on and mustaches.

And of course we had to eat our favorite restaurant IHOP since they are offering a kids a special kids Lorax menu. They even gave the kids bookmarks with tree seeds to plant.

Resources (I will share more Saturday):
-Mom to Posh Little Diva - lots of ideas through a link up.
-Seuss Juice printables 
-Some good ideas from other bloggers: Earth MommaArt of Teaching, Happy Birthday Author
-Printables for several of the books through homeschool share
-Video on how to finger knit a bookmark thneed
-Lots of printables

YouTube Channel for March:

Pinterest Board for Dr. Seuss I also have one March - I would love it if you follow me:

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Unknown said...

Wow! you have been busy! what a fun mommy ;)

Susan said...

I say WOW, too! What a lot of great Dr. Seuss-related activities!! I really love those Truffula trees you made at home.
Thanks for linking with Look What We Did!

Anonymous said...

This all looks awesome!!! We made the mustaches from the SAME template at our library Dr. Seuss's birthday party!!

As a librarian I can tell you that I highly doubt your library hates you! Seriously, we have respect for people who put tons of books on hold--those numbers are what keeps us funded!!!!

My favorite Dr. Seuss book is "Wacky Wednesday" may be a Theodore LeSeig...not sure..but it's my fave!

DSLA said...

Looks like you had a Seussical time! Thanks for linking up with Brag Time Thursday!

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