Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A week in the life of homeschoolers - Week 18

I am a bit behind again. It has been a busy few weeks and I was also lacking motivation. But I am happy to announce my motivation is back this week. Oh I do realize that my kids are wearing their pajamas in almost every picture...I told you I was unmotivated, lol!

Monday: We didn't get much homeschool done. Rowyn had speech (which he misbehaved at) and then we went to the library for story time and to get our Christmas books. Oh wait I almost forgot Gwyn go her own library card.

Big girl
Tuesday: We were moving right along and getting lots done. We did Christmas worksheets, crafts and games. And then Rowyn decided to swallow a marble so we headed to Children's Urgent Care to make sure it was moving along like it should. I am so grateful he didn't choke on it but very sad I missed my #teachthetruth Twitter party, lol.

Christmas tanagrams
Santa Sleigh math

Matching lower case and upper case
Wednesday: Another light homeschool day. We mostly just cuddled, read and watched movies. The kids also made their Christmas lists for Santa.

Thursday: We had a wonderful day filled with lots of learning. We also started day one of our Truth in the Tinsel Advent. I am blogging about that weekly as well so rather than posting all of those pictures again you can view them here. Then we did the Goodnight Moon Printable Pack, discover where the rainbow in our house was coming from, ate some acorns and made some more ornaments for our tree.



Angels made from boxes

Cracking open acorns
Checking out the inside of the acorns
Rowyn discovered that the rainbow was coming from the peep hole. So Gwyn covered it up to experiment and make sure he was right.
Tasting the acorns after we boiled them.
Helping daddy set up the tree.
Friday: More slacking for this momma. We read some books and did our Advent and that was about it.

We did make up for it on Saturday and Sunday and did some homeschool with daddy (at Lowes, Fernbank, Michaels and the Mall). We also did our Advent each day.

The kids Cabooses from the FREE kids workshop at Lowes
Crafts at Fernbank
Admiring the mixed medium artwork
Gwyns favorite tree
The Hungarian tree - told kids about there Great Great Great Grandma who was Hungarian

Gwyn wrapping the FREE presents she picked out for me at the mall.
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DSLA said...

Hey...we do pajama school everyday!!! We love the Lowe's workshops...we went this weekend too! Thanks for linking up with Brag Time Thursday!

Unknown said...

New follower from Brag Time Thursday Blog Hop! (I'm a little late joining up this week! LOL)

Ha! Ha! about PJs! My youngest is still in his PJs. Picture a 6-year-old in PJs, holding a cookie, rollerskating outside with chickens chasing him for a treat. ;)It works!

Chestnut Grove Academy said...

Lots of great crafts! Thanks for linking up to BTT...Merry Christmas!!

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