Sunday, December 18, 2011

Truth in the Tinsel - Week 3

We have been doing a great job with our Truth in the Tinsel Advent. The kids are learning so much and not only are we doing the Advent and learning about Christmas we are also learning geography, history, singing and listening to some amazing stories (since the library was out of the book). This week we also had some friends visiting so we decided it would be fun to share our Day 14 Stable activity with them. We made our scheduled Truth in the Tinsel ornament craft but we also decided to make Gingerbread Stables with our friends. They turned out so cute and each child's was so different. Rowyn had a row of marshmallow soldiers who were protecting Baby Jesus (he later said they were Angels with swords). One child made a garage for the camels.

Here are our week 3 photos Day 10 - Day 17!

Here are some other things we have been adding on each day to expand the experience:
-We watched Legend of the Three Trees
-Listened to Away in a Manger by Celtic Women
-Listened to No Room for Baby Lord Jesus
-Listened to Bread of Life
-Took a tour of Bethlehem
-Checked out Shepherd Field, Bethlehem
-Sang O Little Town of Bethlehem

It's not too late to join in the fun. You can still catch up or do an alternate schedule option. Head over to the Truth in the Tinsel Facebook page to see all of the FUN we are having with people from all over the WORLD. I love seeing all of the crafts each child has done and how different each one looks.

If you want to read more about this e-book check out my review.

If your a blogger and participating in Truth in the Tinsel please feel free to link up your post! If you not a blogger please leave a comment with your experiences so far! I will try to do this every Saturday until Christmas Eve!

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