Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 3 in 30 Goals

Since I was not sure how much I would accomplish with it being a VERY busy month I picked some goals that are centered around the holidays and shouldn't be overly complicated to complete.

December Goals:

1.  Be a supportive wife to my husband - my husband had a bad childhood so holidays and birthdays are especially difficult for him. My goal is to make sure I am attentive to his needs and there for him whenever he needs me through the Christmas season.

2.  Finish decorating and get presents wrapped - for the first 6 or so years of our marriage we decorated a week or two before Christmas and only really had a tree, stockings and front door decoration. But for the last 5 yrs (since we had kids) we have started decorating earlier and earlier every year. We actually have our tree up (even though it is not fully decorated because the kids are decorating it with their handmade ornaments this year) but I haven't managed to get anything else up. Over the next week I would like to have the rest of the decorations up. I am pretty sure the kids will keep me on track with this one!!! Its because of their persistent bugging that the tree is up right now!

Hubby setting up the tree!

3.  Stay on track with our Advent - this year we are doing the Truth in the Tinsel Advent. We have completed two days so far and the kids and I are having a blast. I cannot believe that there are only 23 days until Christmas.

Any encouraging words or suggestions are always appreciated!

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Stef said...

you are so sweet. My hubs parents divorced when he was young, and his mom passed unexpectedly 10 yrs ago - so some holidays are just hard because they were not joyous times for him. I really appreciate you posting that and making it a priority. That is such a kind wife!

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