Monday, December 26, 2011

December 3 in 30 Goals - Week 3

It was another wonderful week and I accomplished ALL of my goals for the week. Now I am trying to think up some realistic goals for January which will be posted on Friday/Saturday just in time for the New Year!

December Goals:

1.  Be a supportive wife to my husband through the Christmas season because it is a rough time for him due to a bad childhood - Well my wonderful husband said he had one of the best Christmas's this year. I could tell he wasn't stressed out like he normally is and there was no sadness. I am so thankful that he was able to enjoy all of our special moments.

Hubby opening up his handmade Christmas presents from the kids,

2.  Finish decorating and get presents wrapped - Everything got decorated and the presents got wrapped and then unwrapped. Now its time to start cleaning and taking down the decorations.

  Stay on track with our Advent this year we are doing the Truth in the Tinsel Advent - We finished our Advent and I am so happy we now have a NEW family tradition. 

Final Advent craft crosses.
Any encouraging words or suggestions are always appreciated!

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