Sunday, November 27, 2011

A week in the life of homeschoolers - Week 17

We did some homeschool everyday except Thursday and Friday, but I am sure the kids still learned a thing or two even though we weren't actually doing worksheets or unit studies.

Monday: The kids continued to work on their Thanksgiving studies. We went to the playground for a little bit. And then they helped me do some chores and make our Advent calendar to go along with our Truth in the Tinsel Advent e-book.

Phonics Thanksgiving words.
Thanksgiving BINGO!
Handwriting Thanksgiving words.
Unloading and loading the dishwasher.
Helping make the Advent calendar.
Tuesday: We had a very busy day. First we went to Barnes and Nobles for storytime. Then we went on a hike/bike ride with some homeschool friends. Then we headed to the library for lego fun time!
Gwyn was a little distracted at storytime.
Rowyn showing me the ladybug he caught.
My monkey!
Gwyn is so fast now on her bike.
Rowyns sea monster!
Wednesday: I wasn't feeling super motivated because my friend sent me a text message telling me she was in the hospital. But we still managed to get a little bit done. We made read some Thanksgiving books, made thankful trees and made a Turkey trap. The kids also played on ABC Mouse and watched a Thankgiving video.

The finished thankful trees.
Gwyn loves ABC Mouse.
Even Rowyn learns something by watching her.
Decorating the Turkey trap.
The trap is set....
Scholastic Thanksgiving video.
Thursday: Thanksgiving day aka Turkey day! We check the Turkey trap only to find that he got away, but he did leave the kids a couple pieces of candy. The kids didn't have traditional school but they still learned a few things and got to spend time with their Mommom, Poppop and two of their cousins (the rest of the family was in PA).

Checking the Turkey trap.
He got away but he did leave us some feathers and chocolate.
Rowyn and Poppop
Gwyn peeling potatoes.
Mouth full of food!
Friday: We went to visit our friend at the hospital. It was the first time the kids were ever in a hospital so it was a new experience for them. They also made cards for our friend.

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Chestnut Grove Academy said...

love the turkey trap, cute idea! We had a really lax week too :D One of the many great things about homeschooling! :D Thanks for linking up with FTF!!

The Adventurer said...

Great idea for the turkey trap I haven't done that with my kids and they are probably to old now:( But we do make a leprechaun trap and they love it:) thanks for linking up and sharing on the Home school Field trip hop

Mary said...

Looks fun and productive. I love the art :)

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