Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A week in the life of homeschoolers - Week 15

What a week we had last week. As you can see my post is a bit delayed,l I am still playing catch up with a lot of things. The week before last we were coped up inside unpacking and organizing. And last week we spent the majority of the week out of the apartment running around. I cannot believe that we have logged 73 days of homeschool already.

So here is our week in the life of homeschoolers update week 15!

Monday: Rowyn went to his speech appointment and then we headed to the playground for some fun. Gwyn was pretending to be a Bald Eagle and said "Mommy I built my nest, hatched my nestlings and will use my sharp talons to catch them prey." After the playground we headed to the library to get our library cards and check out some books. The kids were super excited about the library!

Gwyn in her nest.
Don't you just love it when the kids run into the library.
The books and dvd's we checked out!
Tuesday: We went on a nature walk with some new homeschool friends. We stopped by a little stream and ate some lunch and my crazy kids along with the other crazy kids took their shoes off and played in the ice cold water. Afterwards we headed to the library again. Gwyn had her first ever big kid book club and read a Fly Guy book and made a bookmark.

Making nature bags before our walk.
Me and Rowyn
A beautiful Fall view.
See crazy kids in ice cold water. They were building a dam.
Gwyn found a beetle while on our hike and they were looking through science
books trying to find out what kind he was.
These are some really great books that we read to prepare Gwyn for her anatomy class at the zoo.
Wednesday: It was Zoo Academy day again. As always Gwyn had an awesome time and was very happy to see her new best friend Caroline.

Look how big the baby tiger is getting.
As Rowyn and I were strolling the zoo we caught a glimpse of Gwyns group.
Isn't he a big fella?
Rowyn and his best bud.
Thursday: We started Thanksgiving lapbooks and worksheets. I am so proud of Rowyn wrote his very first "R" all by himself.

Working on ABC Thanksgiving lapbook piece.
Sorting Pilgrims and Indians.
Rowyns first R.
Thanksgiving phonics.
Gwyns Indian girl.
Friday: We learned about Veterans day, did some Veterans day worksheets, colored flags and made scrapbook pages with pictures of Grandpa (aka Poppop) and Uncles. We also made milk carton bird feeders.

Rowyn working on his Thanksgiving lapbook.
Gwyn working on her her Veteran Day thank you page.
She is thankful for her Uncle Tim who was in the Marines.
Rowyn drawing a Turkey on the outside of his lapbook.
Veterans Day finding differences between the pictures.
The kids scrapbook pages Rowyns is on left, Gwyns is on right.
We also examined a spider we found on the ceiling and then released him outside.
Music time.
Rowyn painting his bird feeder.
Gwyn painting her bird feeder.
Decorating the bird feeder.

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Anonymous said...

Kathy...I love all your ideas and are a great homeschool mama and I always appreciate your encouragement and commments on our homeschool movie club facebook page!

:) Sydney
Homeschool Movie Club

Jade Clark said...

Fun!!! I absolutely LOVE that gorgeous fall scene photo. Makes my heart so happy. Mmm, a real Fall. Lol! Looks like a fun week, glad things are going well!

Amanda @The Pelsers said...

That spider wouldn't have been release at out house... Sorry to say....

Gwyn looks like a pro with that glue gun!

The Adventurer said...

What beautiful fall colors in your area:) We live int he Fens so not many trees so I miss the color change. Thanks for linking up to the Home school Field trip hop. Looks like you had another amazing week at home:)

Mary said...

Wow- great stuff! I love the tigers.

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