Sunday, November 20, 2011

Color it by Numbers Review

Several months ago I found out about a website called Color It By Numbers through another blogger. I saved the link to the website and sort of forgot about it until several weeks ago when we began preparing for our move. I need to get some packing done and needed the kids to stay out of my way so I downloaded a couple of the FREE demos and set Gwyn (age 5) up on the computer. For Rowyn (age 4) I printed a FREE simple car, which he tried his best to complete.

Gwyns review: 
Gwyn did the Halloween, Princess and Flower demos. Since she loves doing color by numbers on paper I had a feeling she would enjoy them even better on the computer and guess what, she DID! She was very upset when she found out she could only do two pictures in each demo. She loved all of the pictures and thought they were very cute. She enjoyed the bright vibrant colors and liked the fact she could change the preset colors. Also she loved that the brush actually showed the color she was using just like a "real" paint brush. Her favorite is the princess pictures of course. Each set of pictures includes music as well which was a big hit with Gwyn.

Mommies review:
Fun, educational, creative, safe, easy to use and keeps the kids busy for hours. I love so many things about this program. Because we homeschool I like that I can incorporate this into our homeschool day and know that the kids are learning something while having fun. This program helps them learn color names, numbers and computer skills. It also allows them to be creative and artistic.There are three coloring options: color by number, color to make it visible and color it in your favorite colors. I really loved that these can be downloaded directly to your PC so there is no need to worry about the kids being online and clicking on something they shouldn't be.

Each color by number set is $9.99 but right now there is a sale going on where if you buy 2 sets you get 10% off and 3 sets 15% off. You can order by visiting this page. There is even a 14 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.

See for yourself just how amazing this program is by visiting their website and trying out one of the demos (online, download or printable). There is also a video tour on their website you can watch. While your on the website don't forget to stop by to see if there are any giveaways going on. You can also follow Color it by Number on Facebook and Twitter.

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Unknown said...

I'm so glad that you had a positive time with this! I did a review for them a few months ago and Sophie really loved it :)

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