Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A week in the life of homeschoolers - Week 9

I am a little behind on blogging due to some very busy days and some very, very stressful days. The stress has not been with homeschool though which I am happy about. Homeschool days have going wonderfully and the children are actually asking to do school every morning (including on the weekends). I am very excited about my blog and Facebook page gaining interest and I have even started to be contacted by companies to do reviews.

So here is our week in the life of homeschoolers update week 9!

Monday: We did workoxes in between Rowyns Speech class and Gwyns Tae Kwon Do. Rowyns speech teacher says he is doing very well and that his oral motor skills have gotten much better. Gwyn is really enjoying Tae Kwon Do and finally starting to gain some confidence. I honestly cannot remember what was in each of their workboxes anymore and don't have it all written down but it consisted of Fall worksheets and crafts everyday. We also read a lot of Fall books.

Color by letter
Fall patterns
Torn paper tree craft

Tuesday:  We continued our Fall unit study and then went to the library for Breakfast Story Time. My two kids love breakfast and boy can they eat. What is your favorite breakfast food?
Fall math worksheets
Practicing Fall patterns
Writing Fall words
Wednesday: We took a day off because the kids had a dentist appointment and then I had to finalize some paperwork for the apartment complex we are moving into. I won't bore you with the details about our dreadful day. But the kids did learn a little about how screwed up our Government can be sometimes.

Thursday: More Fall fun....

We found this awesome leaf while on a nature walk

Cutting, gluing, counting
Fall puzzle and number recognition

Art lessons with daddy
Friday: And more Fall fun....

Pumpkin life cycle
Finding L words in magazines
L is for leaf do a dot
Corn craft with bubble wrap
Gwyn listening to a pumpkin audio book
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Anonymous said...

Just found you through Twitter. Look like a fun week. I am looking forward to doing Fall next week with my pre schooler. (And his toddler brother who likes to follow along.)

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