Sunday, September 25, 2011

A week in the life of homeschoolers - Week 8

It was a busy and fun week. The kids and I learned lots of new exciting things.

So here is our week in the life of homeschoolers update week 8!

Monday: We did workoxes in between Rowyns Speech class and Gwyns Tae Kwon Do. We also visited the library for crafternoon where the kids got to make maps of Australia, foam airplanes, crowns and color Chinese calendars. Here is what was in their workboxes: 

Gwyn: Handwriting (letter D), Letter Recognition (letter D), Phonics (D words)
Rowyn: Handwriting (letter D), Puzzle (D is for Dinosaur), Auditory Processing Worksheets, Motor Skills, Patterns

D recognition.

Tuesday:  We started our Fall Unit Study. We will continue working on this study for the next few weeks learning about seasons, leaves, pumpkins, apples and more. After we completed our workboxes we went to the library for Pirate Story Time (Arrggg we be Pirates). Here is what was in their workboxes:

Gwyn: Coloring Scarecrows, Letter and Number Recognition Worksheets, Fall Coloring Pages, Counting Worksheets, Fall Dot to Dot, Spelling (-et- words), Scarecrow Craft, Drawing Picture (for a friends nephew who is in military overseas)
Rowyn: Coloring Scarecrows, Sorting (big, small, short, tall),  Puzzle (D is for Dinosaur), Fall Coloring Pages, Handwriting (letter D), Scarecrow Craft

Coloring scarecrows
Sorting big and small.
Being difficult about putting together his D puzzle.
Someday this boy will decide which hand he wants to use...
or he will continue to just use both.
Letter and number recognition.
Our scarecrow craft.
Playing Vet with the Ferret.
Pirate story time treasure maps.
Wednesday: The kids worked on ABC Mouse which is an children's online learning site that I won a FREE 1 yr subscription to.

Thursday: We had an awesome field trip with a group of about 30+ other homeschoolers at Amicalola Falls State Park. The kids got to do three classes on: Snakes, Rocks and Life Cycles. We learned a lot of really cool facts and even got to pet real live snakes. Did you know there are 6 species of Venomous Snakes in GA?

Check out rock samples.
Great Horned Owl. Did you know all birds of prey are protected in GA?
The kids really enjoyed petting the snakes and so did I.
I hope we can get a pet snake again someday.
Raising hand and answering questions.
A kid even spotted a snake in the wild during our class it was a Worm Snake.
Friday: We took the day off so we could go to a friends house and sell some stuff at her garage sale. The kids had a great time though playing with their friends.

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Chestnut Grove Academy said...

Looks like another fun week! Thanks for linking up!

The Adventurer said...

Busy week. My neighbor has pet snakes and that is close enough for me:) My kids can visit sometimes. Thanks for linking up to the Field trip hop:)

DSLA said...

Thanks for linking up (even in the comment section)! I will be changing the link-up hours...I think it will be better for both of us! I love that your little one uses both hands! So cute!

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