Friday, August 26, 2011

A week in the life of homeschoolers - Week 4

Well this was a very messed up week but I will still share it. Before I had quite my job I promised my boss I would work this week while they were away on their cruise. So Monday - Friday I worked 9 am- 2pm.

So here is our CRAZY week in the life of homeschoolers update week 4!

Monday: I had to take the kids to work with me. It wasn't completely awful but it was difficult for them to understand that I couldn't be there every second they needed me. I took a big bag of stuff to keep them occupied like toys, workbooks, puzzles, books and dvds. Gwyn also had her Tae Kwon Do class. I was so happy to finally find a place that we could afford. The class is offered once a week at a Church gymnasium and they only charge $10 for the entire month. She did an awesome job considering it was her first time and she really tried her best to keep up. The class is an hour and a half which is really long for a little one and she did need to take some breaks.

Gwyn is the little one in the pink shirt and black shorts.

Tuesday: A friend of mine who also homeschool's her two children watched the kids for me and had them do schoolwork. They got some workbook pages and handouts completed.

Wednesday: My friend watched the kids again and had them complete some schoolwork. Rowyn had his first speech class (we are calling it class instead of therapy) appointment and even though he was apprehensive at first he finally got comfortable and had a fun time. They will be assisting him with several trouble areas of his speech like v for b, omitted d, f for th, p for sp, etc. They will also be working on following 2 step oral directions embedded with shapes, qualitative concepts, etc. He will be attending speech class every week for 6 months and then they will reevaluate him.

Thursday: The kids went to grandmas and grandpas (aka mom-mom and pop-pop). When we were leaving the apartment in the morning the kids discovered a Cicada and Katydid and decided we needed to observe them and take some pictures. So we got some science in but I ended up being 20 min late for work. When we got home we made some fruit smoothies and the kids did measure the ingredients so we did get a little math in!

Cicada first live one the kids and I have ever seen.
Kids making smoothies. Rowyn did not like the blender noises.
Daddy brought home a surprise A Fowler's Toad! Can you guess what we will be learning about next week.
Friday: The kids were at my friends again and she had them complete some school work.

And that is our week! I am so happy that we will be back to our schedule and routine next week. It has been a tough week for the kids and me. Gwyn has been acting out quite a bit because she doesn't deal well with changes in routines.

I wanted to share some awesome deals I got this week too! We sold my car for more than we anticipated so I had some money to get some necessities for the kids and school supplies. The kids each got a pair of sneakers (which they desperately needed they cannot wear sandles forever) at Ross. I love Ross. Gwyn FINALLY got her Sketcher Twinkle Toes which she has been patiently waiting for for over a year. I was FINALLY able to get them for her because they were only $20. Rowyn's HiTec hiking sneakers were also only $20.

Got these clothes for Rowyn at a consignment store called Revive! I paid a total of $4.28 
(I found out I had $4.64 credit still for some stuff I sold on consignment there which helped lower my bill).
Goodwill finds spent 13.15.
Ross finds spent $23.00. I actually talked them down on the price of the guitar from $20 to $10 because one string is broken and a couple of items were missing. I got 20% of the lacing beads because a couple were missing. The kids and I also have an agreement that the guitar counts as a Christmas present, even though they can play with it now.


Unknown said...

Love Goodwill finds! Sometimes I come home with more things than I need though :(

Unknown said...

We found some things that was on our list, yesterday at a Goodwill in a bigger town than we live in {we were there to visit the zoo}. I was so excited to find items that we could not afford to buy brand new in the stores but found brand new items at GW for much cheaper! I was doing the happy dance. =)

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