Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 3 in 30 Challenge

Its a new month which means new goals. I had several that I thought of but since it is the 3 in 30 challenge I had to narrow them down. Which is good because I probably couldn't handle more than 3 goals each month. I started really thinking about my goals and what I would like to get out of participating in the challenge so I have decided that each month my 3 goals will fall into 3 categories: household, me (personal) and homeschool/kids. And as always I continue to work on all of my past goals.

1. Organize my recipes - right now all of my loose recipes are just thrown into a cupboard above the stove, what a mess. Now that I am home and cooking more I think it is time to get this under control.

2. Keep up with the Seasons of a Mothers Heart book club -
I have joined the Home With The Boys book club and my goal is to keep up with it. So far I have read Chapter 1 and am really enjoying it. I think now that I have more time available I will be more successful in completing the books I start. I am counting on the book club and 3 in 30 to help hold me accountable and maybe I can finally finish a book. I am also planning to blog my thoughts about each chapter so be on the look out for those posts each week as well.


3. Find my children's learning styles -
We have been homeschooling for a month now and I am not sure I have my kids learning styles quite figured out which seems to be interfering with our days. My goal for this month is to listen to my kids more and try to find what learning style fits them best. I am also leaning towards doing a more unschooled approach with our days but not 100% sure I can commit to that since I am such a Type A personality.

Any encouraging words are always appreciated!


Lisa said...

Those are great goals for this month! I look forward to hearing about your progress on each of them.

SparingChange said...

Great goal. Your recipe cabinet looks kind of like mine does! :-) I look forward to following your progress throughout the month!

Sam said...

I was just thinking today I need to do the same with my recipes, and Sally's book is on my table right now. (1 of 4 of hers on the table.) I am SO Type A!

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