Friday, July 1, 2011

July 3 in 30 Challenge

Here's a quick update on how my June 3 in 30 challenge goals went. Well overall I was not happy with how June went and am very glad its over. Due to car problems which are still continuing we had to postpone our move which meant I really had no need to pack. We had dip into our moving fund several times so now that has gone down and because I am quitting my job June 27th we won't have as much as we had hoped saved. Slipped up the last week with my OCD habit of opening another item when one is already opened.

Well onto another month here are my July goals, each week I will let you know how I am doing. I plan to continue working on my past goals as well.

1. Read 2 books. - I would like to read at least one parenting book and one homeschooling book. This is a huge goal for me because I don't read books. I read to the kids and read blogs, emails and magazines but that's it.
2. Work on my temper - I get frustrated very easily and loose my temper. I hate it when I do and feel so bad afterwards. I may actually try to find a parenting book that deals with this and kill two birds with one stone. Someone recommended "Unconditional Parenting."

3. Get a cleaning scheduled established - Lately I've been so tired and so overwhelmed with everything else going on that the apartment has gotten quite messy. Which drives me crazy (OCD).

So what do you think can you make any recommendations?


Shannon Entin said...

Try reading "ScreamFree Parenting." I have the same issues with anger and temper and that book helped me A LOT. Good luck with your July 3in30 goals!

Kathy Balman said...

@Shannon Entin Definitely going to check this one out.Thanks!

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