Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 3 in 30 Challenge

Well I made it through my first month of the 3 in 30 challenge. I feel I accomplished at least 2 out of my 3 goals for May and I will continue to work on my past goals as well as my new goals. I've met some great women my first month that helped encourage me along the way and I hope I continue to make more friends as I continue with the 3 in 30 challenge.

Here are my June goals, each week I will let you know how I am doing.

1. Start packing for our big move to Savannah - As soon as my wonderful husband finds a job we will be moving. I'd like to have several boxes of stuff we don't use on a daily basis packed and ready to go.
2. Work on one of my OCD habits - I have a tendency to open another product (whether it be food, toiletries or other household items) before the one we already have open is all gone. For example I will open a another bottle of lotion before the first ones gone. Or open another bottle of soda before the one I already have open is gone. I don't know what it is but its a bad OCD habit thats wasteful and drives my husband nuts.
3. Try to get as much money saved before our move - We already have a good bit saved for our moving truck, new bedroom furniture and savings, but I feel we need some more for savings especially since I will be quitting my job. Dave Ramsey says to have at least a $1000 emergency fund but I'd like to have closer to $2000. This month I am going to try to sell several things we no longer use on ebay and craigslist, like some kids toys, kids clothes and a kitchen table. I'm also trying to clear out the crafts I have left over from my craft show days on Etsy. I'm going to hunker down and take my lunches to work instead of eating out. And there will be no field trips in June : ( We are going to Savannah for a week in June so my husband can job hunt and we can check out our new apartment so the kids will be able to go to the beach but that will be it.

What are your goals for June?


Unknown said...

Those are geat goals! How exciting to move to Savannah :) My cousin lived there for a bit and really loved it.

Pam @ The Journey Leads Home said...

Savannah! wow! what fun that will be! I love your money saving goal. We are graduates of Dave Ramsey's FPU. It is wonderful. You can't go wrong following that plan.

I'm adding your blog to my "All Buttoned Up" page on my blog so I can stop by and cheer you on in your 3 in 30 goals.


Kathy Balman said...

@Aurie Awesome. We love it there. Since we moved to GA (from PA) a little over 10 yrs now we haven't found an area we really love and seem to fit. Savannah we hope is that place. We have moved 5 times since being in GA (Norcross, Marietta, Woodstock, Canton, Jasper).

Kathy Balman said...

@Pam @ The Journey Leads Home Thanks so much for the encouragement. We love Dave Ramsey too. We are debt free now. Not the way we had hoped but we lived in a home that had mold in the walls and as a result our home was foreclosed on which also resulted in filing bankruptcy. But we are finally on top and able to save and provide better for our little family. We are also much healthier and not seeing specialist every other day. Thanks for adding me to your page I will be sure to check out your blog. We are very excited about the move but also scared.

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